realistic fake pubic hair merkin wig

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  • hand-tied merkin
  • transparent lace net
  • light and comfortable
  • easy to wear
  • various styles
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What is a merkin wig?

A merkin also called pubic hair wig or vagina wig is an artificial piece of hand-tied lace front hairpiece that is used to glue to the genitals to cover, hide or achieve specific purposes.

A brief history of pubic wigs.

The use of pubic wig may date back to the 1450s. During that period, in order to maintain personal hygiene and eliminate lice, women chose to shave their pubic hair and they may wear a merkin sometimes for example to en-hence sexual pleasure. Some say prostitutes are wearing merkin hair wigs to cover up the signs of disease which is lack evidence and is unauthentic.

Application of vagina hair wigs

Stage property: merkin is often used during film-making and stage performances and is worn by actors and actresses in order to avoid exposure of genital parts during nude scenes. For example, the actress Janet wears a pubic hair wig in the film The greasy Strangler.

Sexual decor: according to an investigation, there is as much as 60% of females have the experience of shaving their pubic hair, and sometimes they want to wear a realistic specific merkin to achieve a better sexual experience. Also, a large portion of vagina wigs is bought for silicone dolls which makes them more real and attractive.

Fashion: merkin is not a rare word known by a few groups, more and more people choose to buy and wear public wigs as a fashion, and the bush is back. In our online store, we sell seven types of synthetic lace merkin for men and women one-third the price sold in other web stores. Visit and buy your favorite style home at an amazing unbeatable price.

How much does a merkin cost?

Generally speaking, the price of a merkin wig ranges from 19.99USD to 169.99USD depending on the material and sellers. A lace front merkin may be made of human hair or synthetic hair, and a human hair pubic wig is much more expensive than a synthetic one. Also, a merkin sold directly by a manufacturer could be much cheaper than that sold by a retailer. Up to now, a hand-tied lace front vagina wig is the most realistic fake pubic toupee used for the genital area. Choose this type if you want a merkin that looks real.

How to put on a lace net-based pubic hair wig?

There are simple two ways to attach an artificial merkin: use spirit gum or double-sided hair tapes.

If you use spirit gum to wear a fake pubic toupee, you may have it glued to your genitals at a nearby salon, but it’s super simple, and here are the steps you should follow:

  • Buy a lace merkin you like online or at a nearby store if there is. A merkin with a lace net close to your skin color looks real and invisible which is also easy to apply.
  • Trim the pubic hair piece if the size is too big. Nearly all lace front merkin are average size and ready to wear, but this may be oversized for some people, compare and trim to the proper size before attaching.
  • Shave or wax your pubic hair before putting on the vagina wig. The simple way is to shave your pubic hair using hair gel or cream and a shape razor, if you want to wear it for a longer time, waxing is a good option.
  • Waiting for a few hours to let your skin recover if you are not in a hurry. For some people, the skin may be sensitive, so both shaving and waxing may cause an unpleasant feeling which is a good choice to relax the skin before applying a merkin.
  • Spread the spirit gum (super lace glue for example) onto the back of the lace net uniformly, and you can apply it several times with a tiny eyebrow brush or cotton swatches. Wait a few seconds for it to get tacky
  • Put on the merkin. When the hair glue is ready, you can apply the pubic wig now. Place the fake hair piece in the right position with a mirror and press it from one edge to the other. Like stick a mobile screen, try to not make bumps or bubbles inch by inch.
  • Squeeze the additional hair gel out if you applied too much and remove it off the skin. Done, you have put on a pubic hair wig successfully, and enjoy your work. If you have used waterproof lace wig glue, you could take a bath with your merkin on but you may also need to use glue remover to take the gel off when you want to take the vagina wig to put on a merkin

Change spirit gum (super lace glue) into double-sided tape (super tape) if your skin is too sensitive, and the process goes nearly the same. If you are still confused about how to attach a merkin now, check this detailed article for reference.

Where to buy a merkin wig?

There are not many merkin pubic wigs for sale online or in your local market for it’s not as popular as other lace hair pieces. Thanks to the development of international logistics, even though you could not find a pubic hair wig store nearby, you could still buy this vagina wig in an online store from another country. The only problem is you have to wait a few days (generally about 8-25 days) to receive your parcel. Or if you are in a hurry, you could choose fast express shipping (which takes about 3-7 working days). what’s more, most of Chinese online stores offer free express shipping when orders are over 99 USD. By the way, you may only be able to buy one piece from your local market but could get four or more at the same price when choosing to buy merkin directly from a manufacturer. So if you are on a tight budget and time is not so important for you, I suggest you buy them from a supplier with factory wholesale prices like this online store.

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  1. Michael

    Cool, I bought it on November 15 and it arrived on November 27. I have to say that the shipping is fast. The problem is I have to spend about 99 bucks to buy such a pubic hair wig while I nearly could get 5 pieces here. It looks cute on my yummy doll, but I believe she will love it. LOL.

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