About Us

Who are we?

Chichairpieces.com is a newly launched online lace hair store offering a wide range of cool, unique, and fashionable lace hair pieces like artificial pubic wigs, fake mustaches, eyebrows, and more. As located in Xuchang City, the center of hair products in China or even the world, most people here are skilled at making hair extensions like wigs, ponytails, bangs, and chignons both human hair and synthetic hair. Lace hair wigs of course are the best popular hair extension made in our city that is sold worldwide. For lace wigs, no matter whether it is lace closures, frontal, 360, or full lace wigs, the key and the most important part of them are the hand-tied ventilating lace pieces which are made by crochet hair strands onto the lace net base by single flat or double flat ventilating methods.

How do we start?

We wouldn’t start our career as merkin, mustache, and eyebrow makers if we did not meet Tom Vaynerchuk, a purchaser of film equipment. We are originally starting from a small workshop and supply hand-tied lace closures and frontals for companies who sell hair products on platforms like amazon, aliexpress, wish, and eBay. With over 12 years of experience, our skilled workers were finally chosen by Tom Vaynerchuk who visited our workshop when he travels to China. When he suggested that if we could make lace front mustache, merkin and eyebrows, we are not shown much interest, because the demands are indeed too small. Luckily, Tom introduced us to some other clients which accelerate the speed of our transformation. Now we design and produce these cool lace hair pieces according to our client’s requirements, and we even make custom orders if the quantity is over 20 pieces. Thanks to the support of our workers, we are able to finish our make-to-order within a concise time.

Why we launch this online store?    

In fact, we could produce premium lace hair pieces at a very cheap price but the international shipping is very expensive and that’s why we were doing wholesale business only in the past. But thanks to the development of logistics, now the shipping fee becomes cheap and faster which offers us a great advantage of selling these items online internationally. If you are looking for these items in your local market, you will find it’s common that an ordinary synthetic lace pubic wig will be sold at 39.99USD while we could offer you half the price and better quality.

What we will do?

Pubic wigs are now officially fashionable, and the bush is back. Now as more and more people accept these items as a fashion, the demands increase obviously which promote us to improve our work with more passion. We are not only aiming at offering premium vagina wigs, eyebrows, and mustaches at an unbeatable price. Sharing knowledge on how to make and use these hair pieces is also our pleasure.

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