realistic fake lace front beard

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  • 100% real human hair
  • transparent lace net base
  • realistic and natural-looking
  • easy to wear
  • light and breathable
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What are fake beards and mustaches?

Fake beards and mustaches generally refer to pieces of faux facial hairs that are glued to the upper lips, chins, and lower cheeks of a man’s face. Beards often grow below the mouth including the lower part of the cheeks while mustaches stay above the mouth. They are not only used for costume parties, and movie makings but also be worn to add specific characteristics as a fashion.

Types of artificial mustaches and beards.

There are many different styles of mustaches which especially refers to the facial hairs that grow on the upper lips. We will introduce some classic mustache and beard styles following.

beard and mustache styles

Fu Manchu: this mustache is named after a Chinese criminal character created by an English novelist. It simply refers to two stands of thin, narrow mustaches that grow downward the face whose top is narrow while the bottom is wide. It looks much like an upside-down V whose top is not closed.

Handlebar mustache: it’s similar to a Fu Manchu mustache in shape but the hair is wide and thick with its ends curving upward. It often achieves this effect by using hair gel and wax.

Chevron mustache: A strip of facial hair that covers the area between nose and up-lips with its ends extending to the corners of the mouth but usually not longer. It looks like a pyramid mustache that has a triangle shape and a painter’s brush that has a round top but straight bottom. In fact, the differences among them are not so clear.

Horseshoe mustache: An inverted U shape mustache with both ends running downward along the edges of the mouth in straight parallel lines. It gets its name for it looks like a horseshoe.

Goatee: It originally only refers to the facial hair growing on the lower jaw around the mouth, but now it become broader which refers to any beard style including hair on the chin but not cheeks. This is a classic style preferred by many males.

Soul patch: A small piece of hair that grows just below the lower lip usually not beyond the chin.

Van Dyke beard: when the chin hair grows separately from the mustache hair and both of them are shaped and styled dependently, they are usually called Van Dyke which is a kind of goatee. Usually, the mustache hair flares out like a handlebar while the chin hair grows thin and narrow with an oval shape.

Circle beard: A goatee style in which the chin hair grows connected with the mustache hair. As its name suggests, the chin hair and mustache hair form a closed circle.

Of course, there are still more types of beards, but we are not going any further to discuss them here. If you want to learn more about beard styles, check this link

Application of realistic professional fake beard

Professional artificial beards with lase bases are usually worn by actors used for making movies for their invisible and natural-looking effect. If you don’t watch carefully, you may not notice that it is a fake one. Some men with a passion for beards may also choose to wear this realistic mustache. It is not only easy to wear but also adds some specific characters to you instantly you wear it. If you want to take part in a costume party or for cosplay purposes, a cheaper, not so real looking beard may be a better choice.

How much does a false beard cost?

Generally speaking, a human hair lace fake beard is much more expensive than a synthetic artificial one, because all the hair was tied to the lace base strand by strand which will take a lot of time. Even though a real human hair fake beard costs much less in China ranging from 29.99 to59.99USD, but if you buy one nearby, you may find that it may take you about 99.99USD or more which you could buy several pieces fast with free express shipping when buying from China online.

How to wear a fake lace beard?

Like wearing a lace front wig, you can wear a fake lace beard the same way, and you will find it’s super simple. Before putting on the facial hair, you should have spirit gum(wig glue for example), a cotton swab, or a little brush prepared.

how to put on a fake beard

  •  Apply some spirit gum on the back of the lace base with a brush or cotton swab, you can apply it several times and wait a few minutes to let the glue dry.
  • Place the false beard in the proper position you like with a mirror. Adjust the position until it fits in the right place.
  • Push the fake beard from one end to the other with a cotton swab to squeeze the additional glue out if there is any and remove the gum being squeezed out.
  • Done, you have finished wearing your beard, and enjoy your new looks.

Guidance on buying fake

Choosing to buy artificial beards online is a good option for there are few places to buy such facial hair pieces nearby. But there are so many false mustaches online for sale, you may have many factors to consider when making your decisions.

Budget: if you have a tight budget, choosing a cheaper synthetic fake beard may be a good option, but if you can wait a few days, purchasing a professional realistic lace mustache from China would not cost you much money.

Styles: there are many mustache and beard styles as we introduced before, check your face shape and find the best style that matches you best. Try different ones if you want to change.

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  1. Ericka

    A great mustache for women, I cut this a little, it’s a little big for me but looks really cool.

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