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  • 100% real human hair
  • transparent lace net-based
  • realistic and invisible
  • easy to stick on
  • light and breathable
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What is an artificial eyebrow?

As it sounds, a fake eyebrow wig is false facial hair pieces that glue to your face. They are made for those ladies who want to change their brow shapes, patients who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment, people who are suffering from trichotillomania by over-plucking their eyebrow hairs, and those who are obsessed with losing hair by suffering from alopecia.

What kind of false eyebrow is better?

If you are trying to find the best fake eyebrows, the following is the basic knowledge that you should know. Synthetic hair and real human hair are two main materials for making artificial eyebrow wigs and each of them has its advantages. Fake synthetic hair eyebrows are cheap but don’t last as long as real human hair ones do. What’s more, a real human hair fake eyebrow could be used many times with proper care. To make a fake eyebrow, the hair could be either implanted on a silicone base or hand-tied to a transparent lace net. For silicone-based eyebrows, you could inject the hair with a machine or ventilate with a hook, but both are easier and faster than hand-tied ones. It is not as light and realistic as transparent lace-based eyebrows as the silicone base is full and thick. So, you could choose a lace-based human hair eyebrow with realistic effect if money is not a problem for you, on the contrary, silicone-based synthetic hair is a nice option.

How much does an artificial eyebrow cost?

Generally speaking, a fake eyebrow price ranges from 11.99-79.99 USD, but some even cost hundreds of dollars. As we introduced above, a machine-injected synthetic false eyebrow may cost you ten dollars while a lace-based real human hair may cost you a hundred dollars. Here at, our 100% real human hair transparent lace-based fake eyebrows are only sold at 19.99 USD one pair, about one-third the price sold by other sellers. That’s two say, you could buy about three pairs from us with the same money you spend on others.

How to stick on fake eyebrows?

Many newbies still don’t know how to stick on eyebrows even if they have got these cute false eyebrows. No matter if it is a silicone-based eyebrow or lace net-based one, they all could be put on with spirit cum like lace front lace glues which are safe and waterproof.

  1. Take out your fake eyebrows and put them on your original eyebrow place to check the size. Mark the eyebrow if it is too long, and trim them to the proper size needed. Make sure to keep them in the same shape.
  2. Apply the spirit cum to the back of the silicone base or lace net base with a tiny rod or brush and wait for minutes to let the wig glue dry(this may depend on your glue instructions). Then, stick the fake eyebrow on.
  3. Adjust the place if it does not stays at the proper position and press the eyebrows from one side to the other to push the additional glue out if there is any.
  4. Bingo, you have finished installing, enjoy your new eyebrow style. If you are still confused about wearing it, check how to stick on a fake eyebrow by video.

Guidance on buying fake eyebrows online.

Now, you are deciding to buy artificial eyebrows online and don’t know how to choose. Here are the instructions that you can follow.

  1. Confirm the application. Do you wear it for single-use or daily wear? If you just wear it for a costume party, a cheap silicone-based one or even a cheaper temporary brow tattoo will be fine enough. But if you are suffering from alopecia or chemotherapy treatment, a long-lasting lace net-based eyebrow would be a better option.
  2. Check your budget. A real human hair transparent lace net-based fake eyebrow would always be the first option if you don’t have a tight budget. Not only for its invisible realistic features. It also feels light and comfortable to wear daily. Not to mention the fact that it lasts a long time.
  3. Choose the style you like. There are many shapes of eyebrows like straight, curved, rounded and etc. Choosing the correct shape fit your face is not a hard decision to make by drawing a brow sketch on your own face.

There may be more factors to consider when making up your mind about purchasing an eyebrow wig. Check and compare, you will find chic hair pieces in an amazing online store to get your next hair pieces at an unbeatable price.

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